Craps for Newbies: Understanding the Pass Line and Odds Bets


Craps for Newbies: Understanding the Pass Line and Odds Bets

Craps for Newbies Many of ⁣us have grown up hearing ‌about casino games like ⁤craps, but have never ​really understood how it works. It can be intimidating for new players, what with⁤ all the different bets and ways to ‍play the game. But don’t worry: in this‍ article, even newbies can get a handle on all the‍ basics of craps, including the ever-popular Pass Line and Odds Bets.⁢ So roll the dice and ‍let’s get ​started!
Craps for Newbies: Understanding the Pass Line and Odds Bets

1. Introduction to Craps

1. Introduction to Craps

Craps is a dice game, which is played in a casino as well as among friends. It’s a fast-paced game with a ⁣few simple rules​ and bets, and ‌it’s an‌ exciting way to test your luck and win some money.

The game of craps ⁣is rooted in the English gambling game Hazard, which was brought to Americans by French immigrants. Craps was initially known as “Small-Fry”, but this was eventually replaced with⁤ the name “Craps.”

The game ‌of ⁤craps⁢ is played between two players, the shooter and⁣ the bettor. The shooter ⁢is responsible for rolling the dice, and the bettor is there ‌to place bets on the outcome of the dice. When the shooter rolls the dice, he or she ⁤is trying to reach a specific score.

The objective in the⁢ game of‌ craps is to make a specific point in order to​ win. There are two⁣ main bets in a game of craps: the ‘Pass’⁤ bet and the ‘Don’t Pass’ bet. On⁣ the ‘Pass’ bet, the shooter is attempting to roll ⁢a specific total ⁢on the dice to win the ‍bet. On the ‘Don’t Pass’ bet, the shooter is ‍attempting‍ to roll a specific total on the dice to lose the bet.

Aside from the ⁤two main bets, there are a variety of side bets available in the game ⁣of ⁢craps. Below are some of the most common bets:

  • Come Bet: After ⁣the initial roll of the dice, the come bet is placed on a specific number. All rolls after this will be matched ⁢against the “Come” bet.
  • Field Bet: The field bet ​can be placed on​ any roll of the​ dice,⁢ and will pay out if ⁣the dice rolls a⁣ specific total.
  • Big 6/Big 8: The Big 6 and Big 8 bets are bets on specific dice totals, which pay out if‍ the dice rolls⁤ a specific total.
  • Place ‌Bet: The Place bet is like the Come bet, except it can be ⁣placed on any⁣ roll and pays out if ‌the dice rolls a specific ​total.

The game of craps is a great way ⁤to have⁣ some fun with friends or try your luck in the casino. It’s‌ easy to learn the basics and‍ the side ⁣bets can add⁣ a fun twist to ⁣the game.

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2. The Pass Line and Odds Bets Explained of Craps for Newbies

2. The Pass Line and Odds Bets Explained

The Pass Line bet is one of the most popular bets in the game ‌of craps. It’s​ a bet that’s ‍usually placed by a majority of players at any ⁣craps table, whether playing online or at a⁢ land-based casino. It’s considered to be the best bet to make because it‌ has the lowest house edge of 1.41%. To make a Pass Line ‍bet, simply place chips on the Pass Line area ​on the ‌craps table.

Once the Pass Line bet has been made, the players‍ must wait until the shooter rolls either a ⁢7 ‌or an 11. If either of these is rolled, then the bet automatically ‍wins. When a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled, then the bet is ⁤lost. For any other number rolled, the round will​ continue ⁤until the ⁢shooter either rolls the same ‌number⁤ again or rolls‍ a 7.⁢ If the shooter ​rolls the same number again, then the Pass Line bet will win. If a ⁤7 is rolled, the bet will lose.

In order to maximize the potential profit ‌of a Pass Line bet, the player can also ‍make⁢ an ⁢Odds⁣ bet. An Odds⁤ bet ​is a side⁤ bet that is made in order to magnify the ‌wins‌ of the⁢ shooter. This ‍bet must be placed after the original Pass Line bet is ‌made. Once the ‍Pass Line bet is made, the shooter‌ will⁢ then roll the dice.⁢ If the ‌shooter ‌rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8,⁣ 9, or 10, the player may choose to make an Odds bet. To make an Odds bet, the player must wager⁤ an amount equal to the initial Pass ⁤Line bet.

The​ payouts for Odds bets are as follows:

  • 4 or 10 – Odds ‍paybacks are 2 to 1.
  • 5 or 9 ⁢– Odds paybacks​ are‌ 3 to⁣ 2.
  • 6 or 8 – Odds paybacks⁤ are 6 to 5.

The house edge for‌ Odds⁤ bets is ⁢absolutely zero, ⁢meaning that these bets are the most profitable bets one can make in the game of craps. Remember, the Odds​ bet must be made in addition to the initial Pass ⁣Line ​bet in order to gain the edge over the house.

3. Strategies for Playing Craps as a Beginner

3. Strategies for Playing Craps as ‌a Beginner

Knowledge is key. Before you jump in and‍ start wagering money on the game, it is ⁢important to understand the rules and basics of playing craps. Read up on the game, take notes, ⁣and familiarize yourself with the table and layout. The more knowledge you have, the better your chance is of ‌winning ⁤and ⁢surviving the night.

Set a budget. Before you sit at a craps table, it is necessary to set a reasonable budget. Establish an ⁣amount ‌that you are willing to risk, both on a per-game basis‌ and overall for the evening. Don’t ‍forget to account for any applicable ⁢taxes. This way, if you lose that fixed amount, at least you won’t end up going over your ‍budget.

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Choose the⁢ right bets. Being a new player, there are a handful of smart bets you can make. These are known as low-risk, low-reward bets that are favorable to ⁤the player. ‍Stick to ‍the “Pass ⁣Line”, “Don’t Pass Line”, and “Come Line” bets. Place the 6 or 8 ⁤as well. ‌These⁤ strategies have a lower house edge⁢ and better odds of winning.

Keep it simple. Don’t rush into‍ wagering on exotic craps because the house advantage on those bets are much higher. Even‌ if you understand them, they can be much riskier than those‌ aforementioned sensible bets. Stick to the basics, ‍and use the options available to increase your bankroll‌ slowly.

Be patient. This is the golden rule⁤ when it comes to playing⁢ craps ⁣as a beginner. Don’t be ⁢overwhelmed by the table-chatter⁢ or the crowd; play calmly and at your ⁣own pace. If you need to, step ⁣away from the ‍table​ and take a break before ⁤coming back.⁣ Doing⁤ so will allow ‍you to come back​ with a cool ⁤head and a clear game plan.

4. Key Tips for Newbies on the Craps Table

4.⁢ Key Tips for Newbies on the Craps⁤ Table

  • Be ⁣Familiar ⁣With The Rules: Before hitting the craps table, make sure you are ‌comfortable with the rules of the game.‍ Familiarizing yourself with ⁤the different types of bets and how to ⁣make ⁤them is a smart approach. ‍Make sure to ⁣acquaint yourself with the​ odds of each bet before you place any chips ⁤on the layout.
  • Observe Your Fellow Players: ⁣Before you jump right ‌in, observing ⁢your fellow players and gathering relevant information is a‌ must. Keep your eyes⁢ fixed on the craps ⁢table ⁤and you might gain ‌an upper hand by getting a hang of the game before ‌you play. Taking a few notes on how⁣ other players act may not be a bad idea either.
  • Start With​ The‌ Basics: While it is essential to be familiar with⁢ the different bets that can be made at a craps table, it’s best‍ to start ⁣with‌ the pass line and the come line bets. These bets are considered⁣ the safest ⁣and the best way to start a ⁢game at the craps table. It is also important to⁣ remember that‌ these are ⁣the bets that offer‍ the best⁣ odds for the players.
  • Set A Limit: Once you start gambling, make sure that you⁣ set a specific limit for yourself. Bet higher amounts ​when you’re winning, ‌and keep your bets low⁣ when you’re losing. Trying to get even and deviating from your strategy by placing ⁢more ⁤bets than you can afford to lose is ⁢never wise. ​If you feel like ​you’ve reached your ​limit, take a break and ​step away from the table.
  • Enjoy,​ But Don’t Chase:Remember that craps is a game of luck. Enjoy each roll of the dice and don’t start chasing your ​losses. Remember that house edge tends to keep growing the longer you keep playing,‍ so setting ⁢specific limits for yourself is‌ crucial to enjoy‍ craps and limit your losses.
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5. Maximizing Your Experience⁢ and Profits in Craps

5. Maximizing Your Experience and Profits in Craps

Tips for Experienced and New Craps Players
  • Be familiar with ⁣standard craps‌ jargon. Knowing basic terms ⁢such as ‘craps’, ‘seven out’, ‘come out’, and ‘puck’⁤ are essential to being able‍ to communicate with other players.
  • Know the bets. When playing craps there are several types of bets that you can make. Knowing the odds and payouts before placing ‍a bet ​is essential⁢ to⁢ your success ⁣in the ‌game.
  • Pay attention⁤ to the dice.⁢ Many experienced players try to⁤ predict which numbers will ⁤be rolled by observing the way the dice‍ is thrown.
  • Keep your emotions in check. Experiencing bad luck can be discouraging, but try to stay level-headed and focus on ⁢the next roll.
  • Take advantage of casino bonuses. ⁤Many casinos offer bonuses to players, so be sure to ‍look around for the best deals.

Set a⁤ budget and stick to it. Before you start playing, set‌ a budget for how much you are willing​ to spend ‌and don’t let ‍yourself get ​carried away. Once you’ve spent your budget, it’s time to walk away.

Maximize your profits. With careful money management, you can minimize the house edge and maximize ⁣your profits. By strategically placing‌ bets and taking advantage of favorable odds, you can maximize your profits throughout the game.

Have fun. At the end of the day, craps is a ​game of luck and is meant to be⁢ enjoyed. As long as⁣ you keep‌ your losses in ​check and remember to have fun, you will be able to have a great time no matter what the outcome of the ‌game is.

Practice. As with most games, practice​ is the key to success in craps. Practice online or visit a local casino for a game to refine your strategy and‌ gain the skills necessary to become a winning player.


Q: What⁢ does⁣ ‘pass line’ mean in the game of Craps?

A: The pass line is a​ popular bet in the game of craps,⁣ which requires ‌the shooter⁤ to roll a 7‍ or 11 on ‌the come ‌out roll in order ⁤for players to win. If any other​ number is rolled, that number becomes the ‌“point” and the shooter must roll that number ‌again to win.

Q: What is an ‘odds bet’ in craps?

A: ​An odds bet is ​a type of wager ‍placed after the shooter rolls the initial point. This bet is separate from the pass‌ line bet and can be made in addition to the main bet. If the⁤ shooter rolls the point, the odds bet pays out in true odds – meaning the house has no edge over the​ player. This bet usually ⁣pays out at 2 to 1 on points of 4 and 10, 3 ‍to 2 on points of ⁣5⁣ and 9, and ⁤6 to⁣ 5 on points of 6 or 8.

Closing Remarks

Craps may seem intimidating to the newcomer, ⁤but‌ with a⁤ little bit of practice, you can learn the basics quickly.⁣ Don’t be afraid to step up to the craps ‌table; just remember to pass ⁣the line and take odd bets, and you’ll be rolling the dice like ‌a pro in no time!

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